waveguides are the geometrical structures that help in the propagation of high-frequency Electromagnetic waves like Radio waves, Microwaves, and Infrared Rays.
The most common type of Waveguide is a hollow conductive metal pipe that is used to direct and propagate Electromagnetic waves from one point to another.
There are five types of waveguides:

• Rectangular waveguide
• Circular waveguide
• Elliptical waveguide
• Single-ridged waveguide
• Double-ridged waveguide


RF waveguides are available in different sizes and appellations like WR or WG waveguides.
The dimension of the waveguide determines its specifications such as the parameters. The sizes of waveguides are standardized so that units from various manufacturers can be used collectively.
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Waveguide Applications

some common uses that waveguides are employed for include:
• Photonic integrated circuits
• microwave ovens,
• microwave radio links,
• Optical fiber communication,
• space crafts,
• satellite communications,
• broadcasting and radar installations