RFID Antennas

An RFID system mostly consists of three parts: 1. RFID tags that insert into almost anything and include all of the required information, 2. a reader that decodes and interprets the data of a tag, 3. And a scanning antenna that can be outside the RFID reader, or integrated with an RFID reader, depending on reader type.


According to the application frequency, RFID is divided into low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), ultra-high frequency (UHF), microwave (MW).
RFID applications and requirements can vary significantly,
the polarization, gain, impedance, etc.
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RFID Applications

RFID is employed in numerous ways, some common uses for RFID applications include:
• Wearhouse management
• asset tracking and equipment tracking
• Personnel tracking
• vehicle tracking
• shipping
• inventory control
• healthcare
• pet and livestock tracking
• inventory control